Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Contact lens users - avoid eye ulcer attack

The use of contact lenses is increasingly popular in our society today. Some wear it as an alternative to the use of glasses to the short sighted and long sighted and others are wearing it for the beauty by wearing colored contact lenses. Whatever the reason of its application, contact lens users should be more concerned with eye care for contact lenses potentially upset the balance of the eye, especially if not cleaned or removed at a certain time.

Eyes needs oxygen. Therefore you should reduce the use of contact lenses at night because of lower one-third of the amount of oxygen at night than during the day. Also avoid the use of contact lenses during long sleep, especially at night because if  it not been removed, the layer of the eye will experience a swelling.

How the eye ulcers can occur

Contact lens, especially using the soft type must be cleaned in accordance with regulations, management and sanitizers. Type of soft contact lenses have a higher risk because they have 38 to 70 percent moisture content that can infect with bacteria, if they are not properly maintained. Pseudomonas is a bacteria that most commonly infect the eye. Clean the contact lenses, so that it do not provide an opportunity for bacteria to get to the surface of corneal to protect it from the disease that causes ulcers.

The symptoms of bacterial infection
The symptoms of bacterial infection is as red eyes, severe pain (not all cases), the water melting point, white point on the cornea of the eye and eye sensitivity to light. If these symptoms occur, consult a doctor immediately and avoid treating the eyes yourself or using the eye liquid that sold in the market because we afraid this will worsen the situation.

To prevent bacterial infection you should :
  • Application schedule as directed by a specialist in optometry.
  • Wash your hands before inserting and removing lenses.
  • Clean the contact lence using a cleaning fluid.
  • Replacing them with new lenses if it is damaged, dry or scratch.
  • Replacing the lens at least once every three months.
  • Rinsing and cleaning of disposable contact lenses before wearing them.
  • Place the lens box with boiling water a few minutes for sterilization purposes, or to change the lens box every month.
  • Immersion lens with a liquid disinfectant other than saline. Saline liquid does not kill bacteria and fungi. 
  • Contact lenses are submerged and not used should be changed the disinfektion solution for at least every two days.
You should also not :
  • bed without first removing contact lenses
  • use the recycle liquid.
  • using tap water to clean lenses
  • go swimming without removing the lenses.
  • let the itching of the eyes.
  • wash your face while still using contact lenses.
Take care of your eyes because it is a very important property of our body.

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