Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lotus - Advantages and benefits

I'm sure you usually hear a song sung by Ramli Sarip of lotus. Bytes between the song lyrics were: "Oh teratai bunga indah, engkaulah idaman hatiku, telah lama aku rindukan, oh teratai bunga indah."

Besides it is sung ny Ramli Sarip, many people do not know that the lotus is actually have  a lot of advantages and benefits. Starts from flowers, tubers, seeds and leaves of the lotus can actually been eaten and has many benefits.

Lotus fruit can be eaten raw or mixed into drinks like the lychee kang. Lotus tapioca is edible, usually made as a soups or steamed. Shoots and young leaves can be immerse in boiling water, steamed or fried as a meal.

Lotus contains many nutrients as it is rich in minerals, amino acids and amino askobik which are important for healthy skin. It is also able to cure many diseases which are:
  1. swelling of the intestines, nose bleeds, chest pain, dizziness and hot flushes - lotus leaves should be boiled and drunk its water twice a day, morning and evening. 
  2. diarrhea - practice drinking boiles lotus ripe seed.
  3. bloody urine, bleeding in the respiratory system and the period is too long - practice drinking boiled water lily tubers twice daily before meals.
  4. ringworm - practiced drinking boiled water lotus petals.
  5. "keputihan" - practice drinking of lotus seed boiled water.
Many are not aware of the advantages of the lotus, and just let it grow in the water because it is not odor like  roses and others. I hope this article will improve the awareness of lotus.

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