Monday, December 20, 2010

Pregnancy- go through the moment with healthy and happy feelings

Every woman must be feel very happy when they know that they are pregnant, especially when pregnant with the first child. While receiving the good news, you must be prepared with the transition period that contains a lot of uncomfortable feeling like depressed,  physical and emotional changes, and so forth. You must be willing to overcome this uncomfortable situation wisely for things to run smoothly.

What you can do are :

1. Enjoy fun activities outside the home .  Do simple activities. Let the morning sunshine shine to your body because it is a good source of vitamin D to skin and bones for you and your child. Vitamin D is also a powerful anti-cancer. If you are a working woman, at least spare one day a week to spend for this activity.

2. Eliminate the pressure to feel good . Start the morning with a good mood and wake up with a happy feeling . Good mood and added to the fresh environment will help drain the secretions of your body healthy and happy chemicals from your brain. It is a very good therapy for pregnant women who had to go through difficult times due to hormonal changes in her body.

3. Avoid doing activities in the hot sun , especially from around 11.00 am to 3.00 pm. Pregnant women usually have sensitive skin against the sun's heat in the cause by hormonal changes such as dark skin and itching in the throat, nose, arm and thigh slit. If you had to go out in the blazing hot sun, use sunscreen such as SPF15.

4.  Take the time to play on the beach . Stepping on your foot in the soft sand with no shoes and walk slowly. Let your feet sink into the sand each time you step. This process will relieve your feet tiredness because of the weight gain. When you feel tired to walk, you may be sitting on the sand and rub your feet with the sand. After that you can  let small waves touch your body. The sand and water of the sea actually are good to promote blood circulation, treat sensitive skin and provide good therapy for the mind.

5. Choose appropriate clothing and must be comfortable with your situations. There are a lot of  clothing options that can be used during pregnancy in the market. Avoid dark colored clothing because it is likely to cause dizziness when you are in a hot place. You must avoid the uncomfortable fashions.

I hope all mothers will be able to enjoy the beautiful while pregnant and healthy.

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