Thursday, December 23, 2010

Roses - The benefits and advantages

Roses are very familiar, especially among people who are in love. This rose has a different colors. Among them is the color of red roses, white, orange, pink, purple, mix red and white, blue and yellow. Besides it is beng used for couple, a rose is actually has variety of nutrients. In this article I want to share the benefits and advantages to the benefit of all roses.

In the field of beauty, the rose oil used in cosmetics for a mixture for passionate and rejuvenates the skin. While the flowers are used as a cleanser, moisturizer and mix in basic foundation. Besides, roses can help in preventing acne, softens skin and skin tissue astrigen to shrink.

Rose can also help women who suffer from irregular menstruation. The trick is, take the estimate of 90 grams of the contents of aloe vera leaves and mix with the rose with orange collered. Boil these ingredients together with 500 milliliters of water to a boil until the broth is living in total approximately 200 milliliters. Filter material and drinks when it was warm. Hold it until you overcome current menstrual problems.

Leaves and flower petals of roses can be helping in eliminating swelling and bruising as a result bumped or hit a hard object because it contains a mild laxative that is material to treat cuts and bruises. The trick is to take some leaves and rose petals were fresh and boxed. Paste the crushed material on the swollen and bruised. Repeat until the swelling down. 

This is the tip of the most liked by most people that is ageless tips. If the diligent practice of eating the rose petals teens, it can help in rejuvenates your face. Should eat the rose petals are ririskiky going to effect the desired youthful. There is nothing that can be obtained easily if they want the natural result.

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