Friday, December 24, 2010

Self-care during menstruation

Today I want to share about self-care during menstruation.

During the period you should avoid eating pineapple, guava, chicken, beef, and those things that is cool in nature such as  papaya, spinach, kale and coconut water. If you still want to eat guava, avoid the items in the middle of the fruit that contain seeds.The contents of this part can cause air in the body which can cause pain.

During the period,try to avoid drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee and Nescafe. Eat less seafood meals. Should also avoid the cold water bath.  

During the menstruation, it is good to drink ginger drink because in can reduce air in the body  and ease the blood flow.

Preparation of ginger broth

Take the old ginger and boil it with two or three liters of water. The amount of ginger is around half of the boil container. Combine palm sugar, a little sugar, pandan, a fragrant grass and  two teaspoon of halba cumin.  Drink it daily to get the best result.

It is hoped that this information would be beneficial to readers.

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