Monday, January 3, 2011

Daily practice to get a genius child

Factor descendants contributed 30 percent to the intelligence of children. In addition, education and nutrition provided from the womb until they mature is very important to produce intelligent and healthy child. In addition, it has to be accompanied by a number of daily practice.

Daily practice should be applied to children which are able to contribute to the intelligence:

  1. Eat the fruit before you start breakfast, lunch or dinner . This practice is crucial to cleanse and facilitate the absorption of vitamin C and nutrients which found in the food.
  2. Do not drink water during meals . Enzymes produced by salivary capable of killing bacteria and virus in the pancreas and stomach. These enzymes should be mixed with food to get to the stomach. The mixture of enzymes in solid foods can provide time for the enzyme to be much longer in the stomach to perform its duties. If you want to drink, drink in small quantities. Drink 15 to 30 minutes after eating for optimal results. 
  3. Provide a nutritious breakfast before the children go to school . This will provide nourishment and energy to your child to learn throughout the day.
  4. Having dinner before 7.00 pm . Usually night time is the most comfortable for children to learn and revise. The brain only functions at optimum levels two hours after eating. The dinner which taken earlier will give earlier time for children to learn before they go to bed.
  5. Familiarize your child to "berdehem" three times after urination . This is good practice to prevent kidney stones because the child's health is important for learning and concentration while studying.
  6. Familiarize your child to sleep right escort for the left heart . It provides space and comfort to the heart to pump blood to flow throughout the body and brain. This will provide enough oxygen to the brain that will contribute to the intelligence of children.
  7. Practice any good thing 21 to 30 days in a row.  Anything that is performed for the 21 to 30 days in a row would be a habit for the children. If not, what is being taught and educated to the children will not be adopted.
I hope that this discussion will benefit you and your children and your children's future later. 


choirul said...

thank you for the information..

semoga generasi emndatang menjadi generasi sehat lahir dan bathin....

geekz36 said...

not have any child yet. =)

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yad'z said...

huh... bf pun tak dek.. cam mano nak pikir pasai anak genius... ngeh3x... anyway, gud info dear...