Friday, January 7, 2011

Efficacy of breast milk, DHA and has vital nutrients for children

Breast milk is a nutritious complete for children's growth compared with formula milk. In addition, it is also good for mothers to help prevent deadly diseases such as breast cancer.

Breast milk provides the balanced nutrition for the infant to produce a more compact body, a healthy skin and a vibrant baby because it contains the adiponectin, the kind of  protein that is good and enough for the baby's metabolism. It will not result in obesity compared to formula milk that has contain higher in fat.

Breast milk is also able to enhance baby's antibody because breast milk have a stronger immune system . It is able to protect babies from infections such as colds, fevers and viral attacks.

Posted benefits of breast milk flavors depending on what you eat each day. Therefore, it is much easier for you to determine the pattern of good nutrition for your baby. 

The study found that babies who get enough breast milk is easier to master communication. It can improve speech and communication development of children. Efficacy of mother's milk is believed to be able to overcome  the slow to speak and plates . Ideally, by given breast milk exclusively for seven months to your child can help him or her to speak fluently as early as  two years in age. 

Breast milk can improve children's concentration as breast milk has a high content of DHA. DHA influence the development of the brain and eyes of children. Thus the principal focus for a diet high in DHA and a nutrient that is vital in order to provide enough DHA and nutrition for their children through breastfeeding.

Method of breastfeeding can reduce maternal stress . It is one of the most effective methods for calming effect on her daily bouts of work.

The process of feeding can enhance the relationship between the mother and the baby because it is a difficult one separated blood relations but also strengthen the love between mother and child.

Breast milk is always fresh because it is directly from mother to child. Besides, it also can save on expenses than the costs incurred if the babies is given formula milk which is costing hundreds of dollars per month.

The breastfeeding process is also able to speed up the slimming process of mother-to-original form. It is a simple way when compared with other treatment efforts and ways. It can accelerate the contraction of the uterus after delivery as well as to help the body back to original.

Therefore it is very loss if the mother is able to breastfeed exclusively do not at least give breasefeed to their child at least for seven months.

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geekz36 said...

breastfeeding really good for the baby, nice info. =)

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