Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flu - how to treat it

In the rainy season a lot of people suffering from fever and flu. Flu must involve the mucus. Spitting the melting conditions are not comfortable if it persists in the long tenure. Here I would like to list the steps that need to be done if you suffer from colds and mucus that melts. All of this is the result of my own experience,

The first step - Avoid cold water bath. Wash with warm water. If you had to take a bath of cold water, avoid flushing the head because it will increase the amount of mucus and slow the healing process.

Step two - get medical treatment and medication given.

Step three - chewing a little cinnamon. It can help to reduce mucus and dry it.

The fourth step - add in a little cinnamon powder into hot milk and drink the milk while still hot. This can help keep blood flow and, thus to help in the healing process.

Step five - sip chicken soup while it is still hot. It also helps to reduce mucus production, blood flow and helps in the healing process.

By practicing these five steps  can help to speed the healing of cold, and you will happily go back to pactice your regular life.

We're only trying, but it is God who heals.

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