Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gecko Mystery - A gecko taken must be replace with a man

This is a story that I heard from a coffee shop chating. It is told from mouth to mouth. Uncertain validity.

Once upon a time, there was a man met one Ustaz (Islamic teacher) and expressed his intention to find a gecko in a jungle. He asked the help of the Ustaz to ask for permission from the owner (genie) on his behalf to find a gecko in the jungle. 

After interacting with the genie, the forest guards, the teacher said that he was allowed to look at the forest to find geckos, but there are a prerequisite. One gecko taken must be replace with one man. After knowing that information, the man left the Ustaz house.

The next morning, very early morning, the man with the four friends go into the forest to find a gecko. He has not told the conditions requested by the guardian of the forest to his friends because he thought he would make sure that friends are always there with him. They were five in a group,  any problems could surely be overcome.

After a long search, finally he and colleagues found a big gecko in a big timber of big stump in the forest. They are just so happy being able to get a large gecko. The gecko could be sell in millions of dollars, they talk to themselves.

They were bringing the gecko out from the jungle. Once successfully out of the jungle then they noticed that one of their friends are not together. They tried to find the lost friend but couldn't find him anywhere in the jungle.

They managed to sell the gecko of with millions of ringgit Although managed to become rich by selling the gecko, the man is still not happy that the wealth earned is the result of the sacrifice of a friend.

God knows best.

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