Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hair Transplant

Having beautiful and heavyhair is to be ideal to men and women. Yet women often experience hair loss caused by aging, hormone changes, dandruff, and so forth. It is estimated that 1:5 women face this problem. The men also often experience problems in the bald parts of the head as on the front and center.

To overcome these problems, some of them have decided to wear a wig. There is also a practicing medications to promote hair growth, adopting the traditional rule to strengthen the hair roots and hair and some are taking steps to do the transplant or implant the hair.
For those who took the decision to implant the hair, you should know that in fact this technique will not return the conditions of your hair like before. The procedure is to take some hair form other parts of the head and put it to the needed place in the head,. So if you decide to do this technique, you need to choose a qualified surgeon to avoid any adverse events occurred.

What is hair transplant
Hair transplant or implantation is a form of cosmetic surgery where the scalp which contains healthy hair follicles are moved to the head of which having thinning or balding problems. 

There are some procedures to do the hair transplant is that as the graph punch (punch grafts), the graph lines (strip grafts), reduction of the scalp (Scalp reduction), the development of the scalp (Scalp expansion) and other graphics. Sometimes two or more techniques are combined to achieve the best results.

Hair transplant surgery requires a series surgery before reaching the desired result. Sometimes it takes up to two years before the final results obtained. At the time being you will feel a minor discomfort, such as bruising and swelling. In addition, the head of the donor hair will feel numb and just be completely gone from two to three months. 

Risks facing the
Sometimes some of the transplant did not "live". It is afaraid that the hair is died before it can grow in the new place of the head. Sometimes the skin is "dry" and incapable of contributing to the growth of hair. If you are unlucky, hair loss will continue to occur even if the transplant was performed. 

If the transplant is successful, you will not need surgery again because your hair will stay in new places. You will be more confident to deal with those around you and your life will be happier. Therefore before you want to take the decision to have hair transplant, first thought about the bads and goods of the procedure, and the discomfort and potential risks youwill face. Pat your chest, ask yourself.


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