Monday, January 10, 2011

Posnatal depression

Disease "angin meroyan" or in scientific terms posnatal depression is synonymous with a new woman after childbirth. Although it rarely happens, but many women are afraid if they have had the disease. Therefore, every woman after childbirth should be taboo practice, hygiene and emotional well to avoid this disease is on them. Among the nutritional care, cleaning of contaminated blood and body massage practice.

Disease characteristics of wind meroyan should be identified by the women around them are :
  • The woman looks gloomy and looks very depressed
  • looks tired
  • attitude of inferiority and alienation often
  • always felt worried and very quiet
  • loss of spirit and fun, but always sad
  • sensitive, fast, tense and irritable
  • do not care about personal appearance and unkempt looks
  • difficult to sleep even at night
  • despair
  • loss of appetite
  • feel hipokondria that feeling too worried about health even though it does not hurt
  • ignoring the people around including her baby, her husband and family members
  • showed of such persons of unsound mind.

Among the causes of disease are meroyan:
  • hormonal changes in women's bodies
  • face of intense pressure during childbirth and the pressure continues until after birth
  • environmental factors that affect emotions, such as not ready to become mothers or had to be forced to accept the baby's birth
  • no support for loved ones as a husband and family
  • too depressed as physically tired little baby and other children and not enough rest they have to watch tonight
  • the situation becomes more complicated if the household had to manage without the help of her husband and other family members
  • husbands who do not understand the situation of women in confinement and has always insisted and refused to assist in managing the children and household
  • thoughts are always fibrous and depressed

In ways that can be done by women in preparation to avoid being attacked "angin meroyan"' :

  1. Express and share your problems with her husband, family and friends.
  2. For the initial inventory to be a mother and ready to face the challenges with the little guy either through reading or physician referral.
  3. Attend antenatal classes or seek expert advice to reduce the fear of childbirth and how to handle the situation after childbirth.
  4. Get adequate rest to reduce stress. Reduce to do chores in the confinement period, but concentrated on the baby and yourself alone.
  5. Get a maid or help family members and friends to help ease the duties such as home cooking, cleaning and managing other children.
  6. Make time for yourself and your spouse. Do not make the baby as a deterrent to show affection of husband and wife.  
  7. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to ensure the physical health after childbirth. A healthy body will help you become a mother is fit and not too tired.

Palin medication meroyan gmujarab to overcome the wind is completely emotional support from husbands and families to ensure emotional stability. Put yourself in the Lord and keep yourself in the always calm. Inysaallah this problem can be avoided.

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