Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smoking impair sperm

In the past, failed to obtain a child often lay on the woman. It is one reason for the husband to marry another. The call also came from families of the men who want grandchildren. When in fact, men also contributed to the problem to get the issue.

The practice of smoking was among the contributors to male fertility problems other than genetic factors. Smoking can reduce the ability of sperm to join with the egg. Smoking also can affect sperm function. 

For a normal man who smokes and wants consolation, he should stop smoking for at least three months before conception occurs because sperm takes three months to develop. Sperm ejaculated today is starting to form in the last three months. For male smokers who are not fertile, you should stop right away from smoking because it will worst affect the problem you are facing.    

Stop smoking because it bring a lot of bad effects on you.

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