Monday, January 24, 2011

Teach children love to read

A lot of reading can give more knowledge to children and teach them how to think wisely. Interest in reading should be inculcated from childhood so that it becomes a habit. Give them reading materials that suitable with their age.

These measures can be taken to inculcate the habit of reading is as follows:
  1. Make your home as a place that can have a variety of reading materials. The books can be purchased and borrowed from library.
  2. Get your children involved when you plan to buy or borrow the reading the materials. Give them the opportunity to choose books that interest them.
  3. You should take the time to read the books purchased and borrowed, therefore you can answer the questions that are going to be asked by your children.
  4. Spend your time to read with your children as this will provide motivation and an example to your children. By reading together, you can discuss the information obtained from the book. It also can make your relationship with your children closer.
  5. Make a book selected by your child as their personal property. This will make them cares more to those books. You can also write their name in the books belonging to theirs.
  6. Teach your child to keep their books properly. This will teach them to appreciate their collection of books.
  7. Conducting a mini library or reading corner in your home. Give your child the freedom to either to put books at the library or to keep to themselves.

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