Saturday, January 1, 2011

Turmeric - for losing weight

Turmeric is no stranger to Malaysia and the world community. Most foods require a mixture of saffron to add to delicious food. Fried fish dishes are also easy to mix salt and turmeric to flavor.

Besides, as a food flavor enhancer, it has had many other functions. Among them are:
  1. To get rid of itchy skin - The trick is, take asahkan with turmeric and coconut oil until thick, then Marinate fish into the skin itch. For you it is up to tu hone. An easy way is to hone the stone mortar.
  2. To treat irregular menstruation - to take two books and turmeric together very finely ground coriander, nutmeg, cumin (black seed), cloves, kiambang and betel leaves. Then boil until boiling and filtered. Drink boiled water just two or three times a week.  
  3. To reduce the heat in the body - to overcome the fever heat in the body or cracked lips, take the fingers of turmeric, finely grated and milk for water. Then mix a little tamarind juice. Drink water mixture, inshallah it will be able to reduce levels to normal levels of body heat.
  4. To treat scabies - Take her book turmeric, clean and pound until smooth. Then cook it with a half cup of coconut oil. Once cool, rub it on the mangy.
  5. To increase the blood - Take six books and three seeds lempoyang turmeric and mashed the two materials are very finely. Drink water extraction from the earlier material. Then swallow the yolk is a (preferably free-range chicken eggs) mentah.Amalkan every day for a week. Insyaalah blood shortage can be overcome and will improve your energy.
  6. To strengthen the sexual energy - Take one tablespoon of water extraction of turmeric, one tablespoon of honey, lemon and two tablespoons water and two chicken eggs. Stir together egg ingredients just until blended. Drink twice a week.
  7. For oily skin problems - Take turmeric, cleaned and crushed into powder. After that mix with a tablespoon of honey and lime juice and stir until well blended. Wipe the face of dough and let stand for 15 minutes. Clean your face with warm water. Practice is always to get a favorable impression.
  8. For losing weight - Take a piece of turmeric, cleaned and boxed until smooth. Then soak in a glass of hot water. After the dough cool, drink water twice a day. Always until you reach your dream body.



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